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Bottom-closure boxes are best for housing delicate products that require extra safety. Our boxes are proven to keep your products safe and secure. These boxes are convenient to assemble. The flaps on the bottom can be easily tucked inside for a smooth and perfect closure. You can get the bottom closure packaging in different sizes, staples, and designs. The stylish designs of the auto-locks at the bottom of these boxes captivate the customers. We craft these boxes in so many different types such as 1-2-3 bottom, seal end auto bottom, auto bottom with display, and many more. You can get them as per your needs and requirements.

Seal End Auto Bottom

Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes

Auto Bottom with Display Lid

1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

Bottom closure boxes are the type of boxes that have the perfect enclosure at the bottom. Due to their impeccable design, they are considered ideal for different retail products. The sturdy bottom keeps the products in place and ensures that the products are safe from any potential damage. With customization bottom closure boxes you can visibly increase product sales. If you are looking for quality boxes for your business, you can get them from us. At Just Custom Packaging, we manufacture exquisite packaging that is tailored to your requirements and preferences.

Free Shipping

We offer our customers amazing services. Along with the free design support, you can also get free shipping of your packaging. There is no shipping cost. We can help you stand out from your competition with our eye-catching bottom closure packaging. You will get your boxes to your doorstep without paying extra charges.

Custom Sizes and Box Styles

Boxes with easy bottom-close box mechanisms can be made in a variety of dimensions. We offer our clients the ultimate freedom to choose sizes and styles as per their preferences. One of the best methods to choose the size, style, and design is to keep it according to your brand image and product requirements. To ensure that everything goes smoothly we take accurate measurements of your products before manufacturing the packaging. This helps us craft perfectly fitting bottom boxes.

Quality Coatings and Finishes

If you want to make a distinguishable impression on the buyers, then you should not overlook the importance of custom coating and finishes. This is because they contribute to your packaging not just visually but also in durability. Gloss lamination, UV coating, matte, debossing, and embossing can enhance the worth of your packaging. 

Sustainable Packaging

Biodegradable and recyclable packaging is not just a choice now. In today’s world, it has become a dire necessity. Sellers and manufacturers have switched to sustainable packaging solutions. By showing your commitment to the sustainable ecosystem, you can attract eco-conscious customers. At Just Custom Packaging, we offer custom bottom closure boxes that are made of eco-friendly materials. This way you can also inspire other brands to take effective steps towards sustainability.

Alluring Printing

Printing relevant information on your packaging is important if you want it to promote your brand or products. The logo and name of your brand should always be printed on your packaging. To make the boxes more appealing, you may consider going for alluring graphics or other aspects related to the product. Our top-notch packaging design team can help you print your bottom boxes to your exact specifications. You can bring more attention from potential buyers to your product packaging by making them stand out in stores. Just Custom Packaging utilizes modern printing techniques. As a result, these technologies can produce excellent printing results.

Budget Friendliness

We provide wholesale orders, which adds to the positive customer response. You can now order your boxes in bulk at low prices. You can feel free to share your budget and goals with us and we will offer you the best packaging solutions within your budget.

Design Personalization

Personalize your custom boxes as you want. From choosing materials to the final touches, you can design everything you want. To beautify your boxes further, you may also go for add-ons. Whether you want custom finishes, foiling, or die-cut designs we can make the desired designs for you.

High-Quality Materials

When it comes to custom packaging, the thing that matters the most is the materials. As a leading packaging manufacturer, we utilize sturdy and reliable materials for bottom closure boxes. There are a lot of materials available and we allow our clients to select them according to their choices. Nestle your products safely in our sturdy custom boxes and make a lasting impression on the buyers.