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Make a distinguishable impression of your brand with custom CD covers. You know that compact disks and other software devices are delicate and require extra packaging care. Our CD jackets are made with sturdy yet suitable materials that protect the product surface from scratches. These covers are firm and perfect in size so they keep the disks in position and prevent them from any potential damage. You can personalize these boxes according to the type of different CDs. With premium printing methods, CD covers can be used to convey all the essential product information. You can save your customers from the hassle that comes with product hunting. Furthermore, the addition of branding elements such as color schemes, and brand name can make the products more, alluring to potential buyers.

Two Panel CD Jacket

Six Panel CD Jacket

Four Panel CD Jacket

CDs and DVDs are important sources of optical information storage. In the world of modern technology, they have become an essential part. To keep them safe and protected we offer custom CD covers and jackets that fully meet the needs of your products. There are limitless customization options and you can choose the options according to your preferences.

Just Custom Packaging offers fully customized CD covers. You may need their packaging no matter if you need them for personal use or if you are a seller. Our CD cover jackets are made of high-quality paperboard that keeps them safe from any potential damage such as scratches or damage.

Best Printing Quality

We offer the best printing options to our clients. The inks we use are eco-friendly and chemical-free. They give excellent results with attractive eye colors. As far as the printing method is concerned, you can select them according to your budget. However, we can also do that on your behalf. Our packaging experts will automatically pick the perfect and ideal solution for your custom CD covers.

Material Options

No matter what niche your business is, sustainability is an important aspect. Because of this, we prioritize sustainability while crafting and designing custom CD jacket box packaging. As a packaging provider, we are always coming up with new ideas and strategies to make packaging that is more environmentally friendly.

We offer kraft, corrugated, and other environmentally friendly CD boxes to you so that you can promote your business by being ecologically responsible. Explore more packaging options at Just Custom Packaging to get the perfect packaging for your products.

Free Shipment

We do not charge extra bucks from our customers. You only need to pay for the manufacturing cost and we will ship your boxes for free. This is because our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We handle our work with great responsibility. We assure you that a smooth packaging experience will make you come back to us again.

Alluring Finishes

Coating and finishing not only enhance the overall appearance of the packaging. They also make your CD jackets durable and strong. As you know disks are delicate items and hence require extra packaging care. Environmental factors such as humidity and ultraviolet rays can damage the CDs. For this reason, we provide a moisture-resistant coating to protect your personalized CD covers from moisture.

In addition to that, you can go for a UV spot finish, which ensures protection against moisture as well as harmful sun rays. CD packaging with exquisite custom finishes will look appealing and eye-catching. We can craft your jacket disks with a glossy, dust-resistant coating to protect your CDs from scuffs and dust.

Free Design Support

We are aware that your CD covers can be used for marketing or business purposes. We manufacture CD panels on the demands of our clients. There are different types of CDs and therefore their packaging needs to be different as well.

For instance, you cannot make instructional and music CDs with the same layout. We assist you in creating personalized CD cases with expertly printed graphics, images, and text. You can also find inspiration for that from our unique pre-existing designs. To successfully promote your business, we incorporate your brand logo into your personalized CD covers. 

Artwork Variations 

Distinctive artwork and design features make the CD covers more attractive overall. You can select the pictures, illustrations, and photos that you like for your disk jackets. Along with the essential product information, it is suggested to have relevant illustrations and graphics. It makes the potential buyers more excited and increases sales. We can help you transform your business with brilliantly customized CD packaging.

Reduce Price per Unit

Keeping things within a certain range of budget is the goal of every business. By ordering your packaging in bulk you can get them at wholesale price. This can be beneficial for small businesses as they can get top-notch packaging quality without paying lots of money.