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Refund Policy

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If you notice some error in the printing of your packaging boxes or the product is not printed as per your requirements, you must contact the company within 3 working days once you receive the order. Do not refund the money even if the printing is inaccurate or not defined, we will reprint your initial request. Deformity checks are performed by the executive team. Customers are requested to submit defective images of the product to the company with their own resources within 5 working days to acquire a reprint of the product. Accelerated transactions have payments that are not refundable at all.

Policy During COVID Pandemic

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak situation globally, the supplies of the stock and production items are intermittent which may cause unexpected delays in the production of some jobs. Just Custom Packaging reserves a right to cancel any order at any time before the delivery of the boxes due to this disruption of supply without prior notice to the client and will refund the full amount of money to the client within 30 days of the order date

Mode of Payment and Cancellation

Product prices are all in USD (US Dollars) on our website and the payment will be received the same way. The company will start working on your submitted order when they have collected the entire amount owed to you, including taxes, delivery charges, etc. from any authorized payment system.

We submit the final version of the product before order placement to our customers in an electronic document or hard copy of the product they want the company to make for them. Printing tasks are assigned to the press department once you know what you expect from us. Once the project is submitted to the press department, no adjustments in scheduling and structure can be made.

However, the order may be canceled within a short span of 4 hours after the acceptance of the evidence. This cancelation most likely cost you $25 and 5% of the final payment of your order. Customers can also have the option of canceling their request within 24 hours but they would have to pay 50% of the total amount in order to compensate for the time and money that the company has spent in producing your merchandise. Still, the company would not guarantee that an order will be terminated after 24 hours.