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Typically made of sturdy cardboard or bux board, fold and assemble boxes are one the flexible types of packaging. When folded these boxes take up less space. You can promote your brand with the customization. To add an extra layer of protection, we can give your boxes premium printing and finishes. These not only enhance the aesthetics but also increase the worth of the products. You can use them to communicate your brand values, vision, and goals. Logo-printed fold-and-assemble boxes create an indelible impression on potential buyers. This method is helpful for your business if you want to distinguish your brand from others. Our designers will help you bring your creative ideas to life. From helping you choose the right materials for your boxes to the top of finishes, we will work closely with you and provide you with the best packaging experience.



Hexagon 2 PC

Four Corner Cake Box

Two Piece

Double Wall Tuck Front

Tray and Sleeve Box

Gable Box Auto Bottom

Made of quality cardboard, fold and assemble boxes symbolize perfection. In the world of packaging, these boxes are used in different industries. Just Custom Packaging acknowledges the importance of quality packaging. For this reason, we strive to provide our clients with the best packaging solutions.

The competition has grown so much in almost every industry. To compete and make a distinguishable impression on the customers you have to make your packaging attractive. With the customization, you can tailor your boxes to a variety of alluring designs and shapes. The structure of fold and assemble boxes is easy to handle. You can conveniently fold the top and bottom flaps to secure the products.

Stylish Box Styles of Boxes

There are so many boxes that fall into the category of fold and assemble boxes. Rigid boxes, bookend boxes, hanging tab boxes, four-corner boxes, and bakery boxes are some of the most popular types.  Owing to their reliable structure they keep the products safe and produced. To enhance their beauty, you may consider die-cut designs with transparent windows and other add-on options.

Our graphic designers will make sure that your boxes stand out from the competition. Our custom boxes are not just impeccable in aesthetics but in function as well. To increase the visibility of your products you can use them for your brand. As a seller, you should be aware of the latest packaging trends. This is because it helps you gain an insight into what is liked by the customers. We can craft and assemble your boxes as per your requirements and preferences.

Multiple Add-on Options

Multiple add-on options can potentially increase the overall appearance of your packaging. With every packaging that we manufacture, our ultimate goal is the ease of our clients. To add convenience alongside beauty, you can ass special inserts, space holders, dividers, and magnetic closures. These features not only make it easier for you to house your products more easily but also improve customer response.

Brand Promotion and Marketing

Packaging can be the best medium when it comes to branding and marketing. By incorporating specific branding elements such as slogans, taglines, colors, and typography you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. Our custom fold-and-assemble boxes are one of a kind. No matter what products you need them for, we will make them according to the requirements of your products. Buyers are more fascinated by branded boxes as compared to plain ones. For this reason, you should never overlook the importance of reinforced branding. We can help you showcase your products more confidently with our top-notch custom packaging.

Exquisite Quality Printing

The quality of printing is the deciding factor of how your customers will perceive your brand. It is very important to have the best quality printing because it makes everything on the boxes clear and visible to the buyers. Our best-quality packaging with premium printing techniques makes your fold and assemble alluring and attractive. We provide both offset and digital printing and you can select the one that suits your budget.