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Boxes with innovative shapes and styles come under the category of figure and pattern. These types of boxes usually have special openings and bottoms. You can use these boxes for different industries. However, most commonly they are used for storing bakery items, fashion products, accessories, apparel, and other retail products. At Just Custom Packaging we strive to work closely with our clients and provide the best packaging solutions.  4 corner tray tuck tops and four corner tray tuck lids and gable boxes are some of the most attractive boxes that are available. When customized with all the attractive packaging features and branding elements, they transform your brand.

Side Lock Six Corner

Glass Carrier

Regular Six Corner

Ice Cream Cone Holder

Bowl Sleeves

In the world of packaging, figure and pattern boxes are considered one of the best packaging solutions. This is because they are used to house so many different kinds of products. They ensure the excellent protection of the products stored inside. When customized, these boxes can significantly increase the worth of the products boosting sales in the long run. To make your retail experience better, we offer exquisite and full-fledged customization of figure and pattern boxes.

From the variety of boxes available, you can select the boxes that suit the requirements of your products and your choices. Our packaging experts know their craft well and they look forward to providing the best packaging solutions. Since these boxes are versatile, you can also use these boxes as display packaging. We can incorporate eye-catching colors, fonts, and relevant graphics to beautify their overall appeal.

Long-lasting Brand Impression

Regardless of the type of your business, the packaging of your products needs to be extraordinary. This is because when customers come across your products, the first thing they engage with is the packaging. And this is mostly the moment they make up their mind to buy your products. We can help you craft packaging boxes that captivate potential buyers from the first moment they see your products.

Impressive Designs to Impress Customers

Buyers perceive your brand from the way you choose to package your products. Adaptable customization allows you to tailor your figure and pattern boxes to unique and innovative designs. We give our customers the freedom to unleash their creativity so we can bring life to their amazing ideas. If you have a certain theme of your brand, we ensure you that your boxes will reflect that in the most sophisticated way. 

 You may consider opting for stylish box designs to capture the attention of the customers. To make your boxes user-friendly we can also modify them by adding inserts, dividers, window cutouts, and hanger panels. These features will make a visible difference and enhance the functionality of your boxes.

Building Brand Trust with Top Notch Quality

Consumers are greatly influenced by the product’s packaging. One of the promising benefits of custom figure and pattern packaging boxes is that you can promote your brand through them. Amid the tough competition, we can help you stand out from the crowd. To make your packaging unforgettable, we incorporate your brand logo, colors, mages, typography, and other essential branding elements.

Endless Customization Options

Just Custom Packaging gives its client the absolute freedom to choose specification options as per their choices. Custom figure and pattern boxes are suitable for every industry. This is because you can select different designs and styles for them. With advanced and excellent printing options we will enhance the quality of your custom packaging.

Become an Advocate of Sustainability

Our special figure and pattern boxes are manufactured with the best quality environmentally friendly materials.  We acknowledge the importance of sustainability and therefore we make sure to promote it. Consumers these days have become aware of their impact on the ecosystem. It has impacted their buying decision as well. Eco-conscious consumers are more drawn towards brands that utilize biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging.

Choose Us to Make a Difference

We do not just claim, we deliver too! You can choose to collaborate with us as we can empower your brand with our custom packaging solutions. No matter what industry your business specializes in or what scale it operates on, we will craft the figure and pattern boxes of your dreams. Our packaging experts are here to help you. You can contact us and discuss with us regarding all your packaging-related queries.