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Interesting and Creative Ideas To Use Custom Pillow Boxes

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Ideas To Use Custom Pillow Boxes

What Are Pillow Boxes?

Pillow boxes are boxes with the unique design and box styles. They usually have a curved shape that has overlapping flaps on either side. These boxes are ideal for housing small and valuable products such as jewelry, soaps, candles, candies, and accessories. A customized pillow box can be tailored to a variety of different features. For example, sellers may play around with different colors, designs, font styles, and even custom finishes. A brand may prefer to style these boxes to align with its brand image. Although they look simple and lightweight, their functionality is good. You can safely package and showcase your products in them.

Where Are They Commonly Used?

For a business, custom pillow boxes can be a versatile packaging solution. This is because they can be used over and again because of their versatility and practical design. If you invest thoughtfully in their design, you can leverage their full use and promote your brand by using them.

Pillow boxes are liked by both sellers and buyers. The simple reason for that is their unique and innovative design. Unlike other types of packaging, their pillow-like shape grabs the attention of potential buyers. Products stored in them are likely to get more attention and sales because of this reason. Pillow boxes operate well in different industries.

Other Ways to Use Custom Pillow Boxes

One of the best things about these boxes is that they can be recycled and used for different purposes. People do not like to throw them right after using the products inside them. Their style is so innovative and different, no wonder they are used in diverse ways. They are packaging but they can also be utilized in other creative ways. From storing items to displaying them as decoration pieces, there are so many innovative ways you can leverage their potential. If your mind is creative enough, you can give new life to the custom pillow boxes. This blog shares some ways to recycle and repurpose old pillow packaging boxes.

Can Be Used for Organizing Stationery

If you are a student or an artist, you should be aware of the mess your stationery items create sometimes. Often when people are deeply invested in their work, they may feel overwhelmed because of their things scattered in the surroundings. If you have an old pillow box, you can add your objects to this box to keep them in one place. Turning pillow boxes into organizers is a nice idea as it helps you keep your products safe and organized.

Can Be Turned Into Cute Gift Boxes

Avoid throwing away the pillow packaging after you have used the product. The packaging can help you utilize them as personalized gift boxes. Made from sturdy and reliable cardboard, pillow boxes ensure the ultimate safety and protection of the products. Utilizing them as gift boxes is an ideal packaging option. To enhance the visual appeal, you may consider:

  • Wrapping a sheet on a pillow box
  • Decorate it with accessories. Gluing pearls or wrapping ribbons around the pillow box can contribute to its enhanced visual appeal.
  • Lastly, once you have packaged the gift in it, you may think of doing cute artwork on the wrapping. If the sheet is already fancy, you can attach images, or stickers as well.

As Living Room Decorations

If you search ‘’DIY ideas to recycle custom packaging as decoration piece’’, you may find hundreds of videos. You can watch a few of them and get ideas. Pillow boxes have a unique structural design. So if you style them as decoration pieces, they can add to the beauty of your living room. For example, you can put small beautiful plants in them or maybe other fancy stuff too.

Pillow Box As a Mini Dustbin/First Aid Box

The style of the pillow box is such that it keeps the contents safe and in place. The flaps on both sides are convenient to open and close. So if you put waste in these boxes they can not only help you keep your space tidy but also well organized. Little and lightweight waste material can easily be put in these boxes.

In addition to that, pillow boxes also make a good packaging choice for first-aid goods. You can put different items such as syringes, bandages, anti-bacterial wipes, and other painkillers.

For Carrying Small Items

It is quite relieving to keep things in order in one place. Custom pillow boxes are reliable because they are used to house fragile items. You can put a variety of mini items in these boxes. Going somewhere? Put this box in your purse and keep your important items with you.

Finishing Thoughts

Utilizing and repurposing packaging is all about your creativity. You can unleash your creativity while recycling the pillow boxes to unlock their maximum potential. If you are looking for custom pillow boxes for your brand, you can partner up with us. We at Just Custom Packaging, offer the ideal packaging solutions to our clients.