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How Presentation can Transform your Beard Oil Products

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How presentation can transform your Beard Oil products

If you’re like me, anytime you get a package, especially a beard mail package, you probably pay close attention to the product packaging. One of the most important factors for us is the presentation, and now beard companies are placing a great emphasis on its packaging. 

Your online-ordered beard products come in a custom beard oil box with a cool wax stamp seal on the front and a tagline or the brand’s headline that could be a Bible verse on the back. The inside is filled with crinkle-cut paper, which adds to a great first impression. This is how your beard can make a long-lasting impression on the retailer’s shelves.

In this blog post, we will discuss what might be the absolute best packaging in the beard game.

Some Beard Oil Products of a Company

When you order beard oil, it comes in a very awesome customized cardboard tube. Let’s go over three scents from the Biblical Beard Oil company, known for the presentation of custom beard oil boxes in the US

You’ve got your fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie scent first. It has another scent which reads: Froot Loops, Frosted Cupcakes & Honey. My first impression is that I expected it to be extra sweet, but it’s a nice-balanced scent. But the vote according to the fan, the fan’s favorite indeed, is the pineapple sage and grapefruit fragrance, consisting of ginger, along with Hawaiian sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla. It makes a new tropical eau de cologne fragrance.

All three scents last a solid four to six hours in the beard. And all of these come in a very perfectly crafted packaging that steals the show. You can research how their products are booming in the unboxing videos on social media. This exemplifies the true potential of custom beard oil packaging boxes.

How Are These Delivered?

The oils come in one-ounce glass bottles with black dripper tops and bamboo droppers. Every bottle also has a wax stamp for scent indication. The carrier blend includes sweet almond oil, golden jojoba oil, Moroccan argan oil, avocado oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and essential and fragrance oils. The package is distinct and well-maintained overall, creating a positive first impression.

The Finest Packaging Available for Beards 

Now let’s discuss absolute beard packaging. Beard products had some trials and tribulations along the way, and some updates are moving forward in the new beard brands.

The Common Red Bubble Mailers are Fading Away

You may notice the red bubble mailers you’ve become accustomed to. At the same time, they serve the purpose of presenting the beard oil aesthetically. Unfortunately, they aren’t the best option for protecting your packages. People had complaints about beard oils leaking and co-washes getting squished due to the postal service’s handling. So, the brands that use these are moving to boxes based on recommendations from large suppliers. 

Some Recommendations from Expert Suppliers

The newly designed boxes should be themed with the brand’s logo and craft tape similar to an Amazon box for extra protection. Inside the box, you may add your signature wax-sealed envelope, themed paper, and crinkle paper to help protect and absorb shocks during delivery. This change is aimed at improving your branding experience in the consumer market.

Introduce Stickers

Another exciting update must be the introduction of stickers. From now on, start your every order to include a sticker. Consumers had many requests for stickers as we can see the hype of it on social media. So. you must be delivering on that promise with a variety of designs. You may add a golden coin sticker to your packaging with a note: 

“To receive a complimentary bottle of beard oil, please send an email to customer service with a photo of yourself and the coin”

That’s how you deliver a perfect service and boost your business health.

Use Color Contrast in Design

If you have a large variety of different beard care products, then color contrast can be a powerful tool to grab your viewer’s eye. 

Here’s how to use it smartly:

1. Think of Color Volume

Color has a loudness. Using very loud (bright, saturated) colors for important products such as beard oil, and quieter (muted, desaturated) colors for other complementary products, helps the important stuff stand out.

2. Light vs. Dark

This isn’t just about turning on the lights! Colors have a darkness level too. 

3. Hot and Cold Colors

Colors can also feel warm or cool. Reds, oranges, and yellows are like the warm tones of sunshine. Mixing warm and cool colors like blue creates excitement while using colors that feel similar keeps things calm.

So next time you’re designing a custom box, remember to use color contrast strategically to make your design clear and eye-catching!

Eco-friendly Packaging is Growing!

This has led to an increase in beard care companies moving away from traditional packaging to more environmentally friendly alternatives. This indicates that they are using environmentally friendly materials!

Instead of plain old boxes, they’re using recycled cardboard. Cardboard is kind of like super paper, and it can be remade from old boxes we don’t need anymore.

Some companies are also using bamboo containers. Bamboo, a plant that can grow faster than anything else, is also one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet.

And some beard oil comes in tubes made from things that can break down naturally, like food scraps! These are called biodegradable materials.


Beard Oil product presentation can surely make a difference. The way you present your products, from the use of custom beard oil boxes with intricate details like wax seals and crinkle-cut paper to eco-friendly packaging options, enhances the unboxing experience for the customer. It also leaves a memorable experience with your customers, adding color contrast and playful elements like stickers to your graphic design can also bring you a step further in branding practices.

Ready to transform your beard oil products with outstanding packaging? Contact Just Custom Packaging today to create bespoke packaging solutions that will set your brand apart and captivate your customers from the first glance. Elevate your brand’s presentation and make every unboxing moment memorable with Just Custom Packaging!