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Mastering Donut Box Mockups to Impress Customers

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Mastering donut box mockups to impress customers


In this blog post, I’ll discuss how to put your donut box designs onto mockups and explain why they are an important but often overlooked part of selling the brand to a client. Selling the brand effectively can prevent many revisions, saving you time and hassle, which is crucial for business owners. Let’s delve into mockups and wave goodbye to continuous edits.

Let me briefly review the things we will be explaining before we get started. We will take an imaginary sweet brand and understand how to put this sweet branding onto mockups. Stick around to learn how these mockups can help you design for consumers and why you need to include them in your brand presentations. If you are a beginner at Photoshop, worry not, this guide will make it easy for you.

The Brand

We’ll be using a brand identity of sweet business that doesn’t compromise on the quality or taste of their donuts. Let’s suppose we’ve already designed the brand identity, including the full logo suite, color palette, and brand assets. Now it’s time to create the mockups to show the brand in action and give the client an insight into what their brand identity could look like on packaging.

Sourcing mockup templates for donut packaging boxes

The first step is sourcing mockup templates. We get all our mock-ups from Envato Elements online. They offer a wide variety of mock-ups and other useful tools for designers, such as fonts and brushes for Photoshop and Procreate.

It’s important to use different mock-ups for each project, ensuring they are relevant to the business. For a sweet brand, a good mock-up could be a sweet box or pouch. For a clothing brand, a label tag would be ideal. it is so important to make the mock-up relevant to the business that you were designing for that is the most crucial tip. 

Design on Photoshop

Take the sourced mock-ups and open them in Photoshop. The first place to look is the layers panel, where we’ll insert our artwork. Each layer will differ slightly, but look for something that says “place artwork here” or “edit contents.” Double-click the layer to open the correct output size. Go to Image > Canvas Size to set the correct dimensions for your artwork.

Adding your artwork

Next, match it with the primary design on Photoshop artboard size, then start creating your donut box design, including the primary logo, brand assets, and colors to show how each element complements the brand identity.

Once satisfied, save the changes, and your artwork will appear on the mock-up template, looking 3D and realistic.

Making it cohesive

To make it look cohesive, try changing some colors within the mock-up template. Some mock-ups allow you to adjust colors, so experiment with background colors and elements to complement the product. For example, change the background to a nice pink to match the personalized donut box packaging and tweak the box color to enhance the overall look. These small adjustments make the packaging feel perfectly placed.

Extra advice!

Additionally, you may make a repeating picture style by duplicating layers. Select the layers you need, duplicate them, and play around with the layout to achieve a repeated look.

Suppliers like Just Custom Packaging include six to eight different mock-ups in the brand presentation, so the client can see their branding in action. This also helps the customers to ensure the brand identity works well on the product and packaging. You can reach us via email or request a quote on our website. We offer a super discount on the first order giving up to 10% extra donut boxes. 

A simple way to create your own donut mockup box design

If you prefer not to use mock-up templates, here’s a quick tip for creating your own.

  1. Use an empty mock-up from Google or take your own.
  2. Create a new layer, and with your artwork, copy it (Command + A, then Command + C).
  3. Go to the original box mock-up, go to Filter > Vanishing Point, and create points on the box to place your artwork.
  4. Press Command + V to paste the artwork and adjust its position.
  5. To make it look realistic, change the transparency to multiply, so the box and shadows show through the artwork.

You now have a quick and simple mock-up!

Why are mockups for custom donut boxes important?

Mock-ups visually show your client how the branding will look in real life, providing context and evidence for your designs. This saves you time explaining how a design will look on a physical product. Mock-ups give clients confidence in your designs and allow you to upsell additional elements like social media templates and stationery. This is a fantastic strategy for expanding your donut shop. Mock-ups can also save your client’s money by showing how the packaging will look before printing, preventing costly mistakes.


Hopefully, this blog has shown you why mock-ups are essential in your brand presentation. You have understood that mockups are essential for showcasing your donut box designs professionally. They provide a realistic preview, saving time and money while impressing customers. By using mockups, you can ensure your branding is cohesive and impactful, making it an invaluable tool for any designer. Start creating stunning mockups today!