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Why Rigid Boxes are the Best Premium Packaging Options

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Why Rigid Boxes are the Best Premium Packaging Options

The material selection and package style greatly impact how people view a product. Customized rigid boxes are often the preferred choice for premium firms looking to create a big impression. Their rich customization choices, eye-catching design, and powerful construction make them ideal for high-end packaging.

We’ll talk about rigid boxes in today’s blog, including what they are, the available kinds, and how using them may increase the value of your goods.

What are rigid boxes?

Rigid boxes, sometimes known as setup boxes, got their name because of their construction. Unlike many retail boxes, which are made from a single, thinner weight of coated stock, rigid boxes are made from a base using a chipboard. This is then wrapped in a special paper, printed paper, a fabric, or even a leather covering.

Early examples

Cigar boxes were a pioneering example of a rigid box. I’m sure everyone is familiar with these because they’re made of this rigid material and are then printed. It gives the custom rigid box manufacturer a chance to market and message the user as they open and use that box. And because this box is well made and can have other purposes, they last a long time. As a result, your brand and message remain memorable to the consumer. People have a hard time throwing them away and the marketing power lives on.

Structural benefits

There is a structural benefit of rigid boxes. They can accommodate fragile and heavier products and are used extensively in the cosmetics, fragrance, jewelry, and spirits marketplace.

Types of rigid boxes

Here are a few different types of rigid boxes. Now these are just a few.

Partial finish rigid boxes

Partial-finish rigid boxes are those where only a part of the box is covered with a decorative material or finish. The rest of the box remains plain or is made from a different, usually less expensive, material. This type of finish can be used to highlight specific areas of the box, such as the lid or a particular side, creating a unique and appealing look while potentially reducing production costs.

 Common uses

Full-finish rigid boxes

Full-finish rigid boxes are completely covered with a decorative material or finish, providing a uniform and high-end look. This type of finish ensures that the entire box is aesthetically pleasing and often gives a more luxurious feel. Full-finish boxes are typically used for high-end products where presentation is crucial.

Common uses

  • Luxury goods packaging
  • High-end electronics
  • Jewelry and watch boxes

At JCP, we have the following innovatively designed rigid boxes

We have the telescoping style where two pieces, one fitting over another. Shoe boxes are a type of rigid box, a lower end but still a rigid box. Boxes with a hinged magnetic lid, are more common, you might see this around quite a bit. We’ve got a tray and a sleeve. There’s even a pyramid style.

Rigid boxes may be made in practically any form and design you wish. Feel free to quote us on our website.

Additional elements that add value

Rigid boxes offer many types of opening experiences and can be embellished with inserts, special overlays, and even special scents.

Additional elements can be applied to rigid boxes too, such as gloss coatings, soft touch effects, foil stamping, ribbons, handles, and other premium printing techniques. 

All of these combine to give the user an experience when opening that box: between the feel of the outer wrap, the sound of the whooshing air, or the sound of that solid construction. And most importantly, the click of that magnetic closure that tells a person they’re getting something special every time they open that box. So if your product needs to have value associated with it, rigid boxes will be a good choice.

It can be used as a sales kit

Another good use for rigid boxes is a sales kit or a presentation box. These types of boxes help you present a product to customers or buyers and many times can do that on their own. In these coveted times when face-to-face meetings are limited, a sales kit can introduce and educate your customer without that in-person meeting.

Cost considerations while making rigid boxes

Let’s talk about cost. As you can imagine, a rigid box does cost more than a normal retail box. A lot of times there’s a fair amount of hand work involved in making these boxes. Handwork is something that a machine can’t do. So no automation that increases costs. 

Like any package printing project, making rigid boxes in higher quantities gives you a better per-piece price, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do small quantities as well. Going overseas for these items is one way to get that done at a lower cost, but there’ll be a longer production time, and you’ve got to factor in your shipping time, sometimes as long as six to eight weeks.

If you have an interest in knowing what a rigid box may cost for your specific product and quantity, give us a call or quote free at justcustompackaging.com.


Rigid boxes are great for luxury packaging because of their strong structure, elegant look, and adaptability. They provide exceptional protection for sensitive products, may be personalized with different finishes and decorations, and create a wonderful unpacking experience. While they are more expensive, their durability and capacity to improve brand awareness make them an excellent choice for luxury items.