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How Are Brands Winning with Confident Display of Their Logos?

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Power of Logo Confidence

For business owners, designing the product’s packaging is one of the most important aspects of product marketing. It entails all the thoughtful planning of how the products will be housed. From selecting the appropriate materials to the final finishes, everything holds value. In this entire process, logo positioning is one of the significant decisions. Regardless of the brand, the positioning of the logo matters a lot. Sellers and manufacturers like to place their brand logo at the top of the packaging. In most cases, the logo is placed at the top and front of the packaging. This is helpful as its visibility increases the brand’s exposure. For this reason, logo placement is considered a good strategy.

Why Logos in Packaging Matter: Answering the “Why?’’

Being the most valuable aspect of any business, the functionality of the packaging is not limited to the safety of the products. It takes quite a lot of strategic planning to unlock the full potential of packaging. Brands use packaging to elevate their brand recognition. This not only helps them with better exposure but also builds long-term and loyal relationships with the customers. By incorporating branding elements, brands strengthen their position in the market. Incorporating the brand logo should be an integral part of the packaging design. This is because any packaging without it is boring and is not worthy of customers’ attention.

Considerations for Logo Placement on Packaging

Placing a logo on the packaging does not mean putting it randomly just anywhere. There is proper planning behind it and everything should be evaluated properly before designing. Here are some of the considerations that will help you acknowledge the significance of logos and place them in the right way.

Finding a Balanced Size of The Logo

While placing the logo on the product packaging, you need to identify the purpose you are trying to achieve with the position. It may sound very simple but when you go for it, it helps you position it more efficiently. The size of the logo is an important factor that business managers consider during the packaging manufacturing process.

The size has to be in proportion with the overall design of the packaging design and style. For example, if it is a juice bottle, the size of the brand logo should be according to the size of the label on it. In a nutshell, it should not be too large or too small and should be easily identifiable. Neither it should be too small to be seen nor too large to overwhelm the customers.

Choosing the Right Position

Right after the selection of the appropriate size, the position of the logo is very important. Usually, the front side of the packaging is considered the ideal location, however, it may not always be ideal. This is because the packaging has not only the logo displayed on it. Other things such as product information, graphics, and symbols may also hinder the exposure of the logo. Hence in such cases, positioning the logo on the back side or somewhere else is more suitable. Correct placement of the logo can considerably boost brand recognition and grab the attention of potential buyers.

Thinking About Color Schemes

The color schemes are also an important consideration while selecting the right logo position. You need to ensure that the color you choose for it has the potential to catch the eyes of the buyers. To make a unique impression, you may go for contrasting colors. This creates a beautiful blend and makes the logo recognizable. However, it is very important to choose colors according to the brand image. This is because they reflect your brand identity and buyers perceive your brand through them.

The Importance of Design Layout

Sometimes the design of the logo is not created thoroughly. As a result, it becomes very difficult to incorporate it into the packaging. For example, its style may be too intricate and require too much space but the packaging does not have enough space. Therefore, when you are designing them, it is very important to consider the impact that particular shape or style will make.

At Just Custom Packaging, the expert graphic designers will help you position your brand logos in the right positions. We will make sure that the logo is positioned such that it drives maximum customer attention and sales in the long run.

Leaving Out the White Space

The logo of a brand is a significant element of the packaging. To make it apparent you should give it ample space. According to packaging experts, there is a definite criterion for logo placement that needs to be followed. Our experts will tell you how much space you need to keep around your logo. This clear space is also known as the white space. This space needs to be cleared out. Properly utilizing the given space on the packaging makes it more recognizable.

The Quality of Printing

Everything that goes into the packaging is made clear through quality printing. If this aspect is ignored, the quality of your product packaging will deteriorate. This is important not only for the proper boxes of the products. For example, if you have a beverage brand then the printing quality of your custom bottle neckers should be of premium quality. The logo and other product information should be legible.

Concluding Thoughts

Incorporating a brand logo into the packaging can help you with the brand recognition. By thoughtfully planning and considering all the aforementioned points you can choose a perfect position for your logo. Choose us as your professional packaging provider and we will make you stand out on the shelves with our branded packaging solutions.