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Important Typography Considerations for Custom Packaging

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Typography Tips for Custom Packaging

In the packaging world, the importance of typography cannot be overlooked. This is because, like other elements of product packaging, it is one of the essential elements. Choosing the right kind of font involves thoughtful and strategic planning. The right typography has the potential to grab the attention of the customers looking for products.

Being an important component of your packaging, they can help you convey your brand image. Furthermore, eye-catching typography can also make your packaging stand out on crowded shelves. This blog discusses the importance of typography and also some of the important considerations while selecting it for custom boxes.

Why Typography Is Important in Packaging Design?

No packaging design is complete without the typography. It is not just about choosing a particular font to display on the product box. It is much more than that and can impact the customers’ perception and buying decisions. In most cases, the value of the product is also perceived through the typography used in the design layout of the packaging.

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Fonts

Think About Your Audience

While the typography reflects your brand identity, it is still important to select the fonts according to the preference of the target audience. This is because people have different preferences while they are on product hunting. Knowing who your product is for can help you a lot with the design and style of the packaging. Sellers and business managers have certain goals in their minds regarding their packaging. And the typography can help them achieve them. It can communicate the idea you want to convey as a brand across the market. Make sure that you conduct proper research about the target consumers. Collecting the demographic data is preliminary as it guides you during the manufacturing process of custom packaging.

Think About the Shape and Size

Another important factor that you need to consider is the size and shape of the products. This is because a donut box has comparatively less space than a cake box. So even if you sell both products, the size of the fonts will vary according to the size of the products. In addition to that, you should make sure that the spaces your fonts occupy are appropriate.  The text on the product packaging should not overwhelm, or confuse the potential customers. The right balance of the typography helps buyers find what they are looking for. It also makes your custom packaging look more professional. At Just Custom Packaging, we use packaging designing tactics to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Upper Case Versus and Lower-Case Fonts

There are some essential guidelines that you should follow while selecting the packaging typography. Humans notice the patterns and they are attracted because of their shapes and style. Fonts in upper cases are usually used to put emphasis or to create a bold impact. On the other hand, fonts in lowercase convey a normal and subtle tone. The selection of the style of the fonts communicates the message that you are trying to convey to them.

Go for The Trending Typography Designs

Every font has a distinct personality. It has the potential to evoke certain emotions in people. Since most of the packaging design is impacted by the type of the fonts. Therefore, business and brand owners pick the ones that hook the potential buyers. Following the trending typography designs or fonts can be beneficial.  It can help you have an idea of what is being liked by people and what is not. Usually for the plain, and classic packaging look, Serif and Sans Serif are used. You can go for italic or other decorative fonts if that aligns with the aura of your brand.

Use Premium Quality of Printing

One thing to keep in mind while designing the custom product packaging is the legibility. The consumers should be able to read the information printed on the packaging. It is crucial because poor-quality printing can result in confusion and disappointment. The quality of the printing should be such that it makes all the displayed information clear and easy to read. Remember the fonts convey your brand’s message to the consumers. Therefore, selecting engaging and clear fonts is mandatory.

Align With It Your Brand Image and Product Personality

The fonts a brand chooses for its packaging contribute to its personality. Typography is an important branding element and makes your brand identifiable in a specific way. When buyers engage with your products, they develop a sense of familiarity with your brand over time. For example, the ‘M’ of McDonald’s is so famous, that people do not have to think about it.

Concluding Thoughts

Typography is one of the significant aspects of branded packaging hence it should not be overlooked. Our experts at Just Custom Packaging will take your brand to the next level with our strategic custom packaging solutions. Our designers know all the technical aspects of typography, so they will make sure that your packaging stands out in the competition.