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Simple Steps to Design and Label Your Cosmetic Boxes

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Simple Steps to Design and Label Your Cosmetic Boxes


Ever since I posted my rebranding blogs, I’ve gotten so many comments asking about how these beauty brands make their product boxes, so I will discuss how to do that today.

Many people aren’t aware that boxes are just blank white boxes with labels on them to leverage your brand. I recently posted a blog about how to make labels for CBD products. Read the whole blog and If you decide to use this method for labeling your cosmetic boxes, I will recommend you invest in a Cricut to cut your labels. The reason is you’ll need to apply a lot more labels on the box, which means you’ll have to cut a lot more.

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes you might not find the right box for your products. You can go with a brown box for your cosmetic products. Like one-ounce bottles of cosmetic products that have pump caps. Before purchasing boxes, make sure you can find a box that fits all your products first. 

How to measure your containers

The first thing you want to do is take the width, length, and height of all your containers. The one-ounce jar is roughly two inches in height, length, and width. The two-ounce jar has the same dimensions but needs a slightly larger box, around two and a quarter inches.

For a half-ounce bottle, include the cap in the measurement, rounding up to four inches in height and one inch in length and width.

Different types of one-ounce bottles will have different measurements. Ensure you round up for the length and width as well.

Once you have the measurements for all your bottles and jars, let’s start shopping for our boxes.

Where to buy these boxes

The first place I recommend is justcustompackaging.com because they send free samples. The boxes are called reverse tuck cartons and are available in brown or white. If you want different colors, you can ask them to customize it.

One-ounce jar

This jar measures two inches by two inches by two inches. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a box of this size on Uline packaging company, but JCP’s gift boxes in the white gloss category will fit. 

Two-ounce jars

This jar is two and a quarter by two and a quarter by two inches. I found the box on JCP after thoroughly searching on Google.

Half ounce bottle

This bottle measures one inch by one inch by four inches. Just Custom Packaging offers a suitable box under the reverse tuck carton option.

One-ounce face wash

This face wash measures one and a half by one and a half by four and a half inches. I couldn’t find an exact match, so I asked for customization from JCP experts and they made it. 

Four-ounce toners

These measure two inches by two inches by five inches. I found suitable boxes under reverse tuck boxes.

How to make labels for cosmetic boxes

You can use any software. Create a new project with a blank canvas size of eight and a half by eleven inches. Measure the box dimensions and reflect that on your digital canvas. Use basic graphics to create the outline of the label. Once the design is ready, print and cut it out to ensure it fits.

If you’re not using a Cricut, create a template, duplicate it to fill a sheet with paper, and save it.

How to cut labels without Cricut

If cutting by hand, use a straight cutter. It can be tedious, so I recommend using a Cricut if possible.

How to cut customized cosmetic labels with Cricut

In Cricut Design Space, create a new project, use the print then cut feature, and upload your label design. Arrange the labels within the cutting area, attach them, and delete the background rectangle. Print the design and use the Cricut to cut it out. Align the printed sheet on the cutting mat and proceed with the cutting process.


Applying the labels before assembling the boxes makes it easier. That’s how you make product boxes. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun creating product boxes for your products—best of luck with your business.