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Transform Your Marketing Strategy with Custom Bottle Neckers

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Transform Your Marketing Strategy with custom bottle neckers


A recent study expressed that bottle neckers can increase sales by up to 30%. This is the power of a perfectly designed bottleneck.

Bottlenecks are basically used for promotional purposes because they hang around the bottleneck. So, the first piece of terminology you’ll need to know is the principal display panel or the PDP, which is basically the part of the label that will be seen on display. It becomes the first thing a customer sees when they’re going to pick up a product. These are small tags or labels you would have seen hanging on wine bottles, medical bottles, juice bottles olive oil bottles, etc

This blog post will deal with the concepts of customized bottle neckers. We will also discuss its role in branding and the production process involved in bottle necker making. You will know the creative uses of custom-printed neckers along with a case study to help you understand the success ratio in choosing these.

The conceptual phase

Brainstorming Unique Bottle Necker Ideas

Creating an effective bottle necker begins with brainstorming.

Consider the following:

  • What do you want to convey? Discounts, recipes, or awards?
  • Align the necker design with your brand identity. Consistency matters!
  • Stand out! Think beyond rectangular tags—try custom shapes.

The most successful bottle neckers surprise and delight consumers.

Production Process

Bottle Neckers printing and manufacturing

Now you are aware of the concept regarding bottle neckers right? Lets bring the concept to life.

Here’s the production journey:

Material Selection

Choose from art card, ivory paper, linen embossed, or craft card. Each material affects the look and feel.

Finishing Touches

Opt for matt lamination, gloss lamination, soft-touch lamination, or anti-scratch lamination. These enhance durability and aesthetics.

Custom Die Cutting

Precision matters. Custom die-cutting ensures a snug fit around the bottle neck.

The right material and finish elevate your brand. A velvety soft-touch lamination screams luxury.

Working with Manufacturers and Suppliers

Collaborate closely with manufacturers. They’ll handle printing, cutting, and assembly. Communicate your vision clearly, and don’t forget quality control checks. A misaligned tag can dampen the entire experience.

Successful Custom Bottle Necker Campaigns

Let’s explore how Château de Vin made their wine bottles even more interesting with QR codes.

Château de Vin

This wine brand is a picturesque vineyard like the sun kissing the grapevines. Now, for your thoughtful insight, this winery had a brilliant idea. They added something special to their wine bottles known as QR codes.

What’s a QR Code? 

It’s like a secret door to digital wonders. When you scan it with your phone, magic happens

How Did It Work?

Code on the Neck

Each bottle had a tiny code on its neck. It was like a secret handshake for wine lovers.

Virtual Vineyard Tours

When curious sippers scanned the code, they were whisked away on virtual vineyard tours. Rows of vines, barrels aging gracefully—it was all there!

Sales Spike

Guess what? People loved this! Sales soared like a kite caught in a gusty breeze.

Why Was It Cool?


The QR code wasn’t just tech; it was a story. It connected wine enthusiasts to the heart of Château de Vin.

Trust & Authenticity

Plus, it prevented counterfeiting. You knew you were sipping the real deal. No fakes allowed!

So, next time you uncork a bottle, check its neck. You might find a QR code—a gateway to vineyards, history, and a sip of magic.

What Made The Campaigns Successful?


The neckers aligned with the brand story and product.


Interactive elements (QR codes, anyone?) kept consumers curious.


The design echoed the overall brand aesthetic.


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